Comprehensive Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consultations

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Recording and Picture Policy

Our office offers all women a detailed ultrasound assessment of the pregnancy in each trimester. At each visit
the ultrasound images (all 2D/3D and 4D images) will be emailed to you as small video clips and still images.
You will receive a link as a text message as well as an email which will allow you to download and save the
files on to your computer. Please note that the images are available for download for 60 days. Please make
sure you provide our staff with your email address as well as your cell phone number.

Please be advised that the ultrasound Technologists will attempt to take a fetal face picture for your family
album at any and all of your visits in our office if the fetal position permits. These pictures will most of the time
be a combination of 2D and 3D/4D images, and they are all done as a courtesy to you.
If you have any questions regarding our office’s PICTURES policies, please do not hesitate to ask any of our
ultrasound Technologists or physicians. Please be advised that our front office staff, receptionists and billers,
as well as our back office staff, ultrasound technologists and medical assistants, are following instructions
from the administrator physician(s), so we firmly request that all patients and family members treat our staff
with the utmost respect and not challenge them regarding our policies. Our staff as well is required and
expected to treat all patients and their families with the utmost respect and provide you with the
aforementioned policy. Should any of our staff treat you with disrespect, or should you have any questions
regarding our policies, please advise our office manager Anu Jairam (