Comprehensive Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consultations

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General Information

Our office specializes in the care of pregnant patients, both high risk and low risk pregnancies. We provide comprehensive Maternal-Fetal medicine consultations. Maternal-Fetal medicine consultations encompass many aspect of your pregnancy from pre-conception counseling, to early, mid, or late pregnancy counseling. We provide you with information and treatments that will help you understand and improve your:

  1. General health (diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise)
  2. Medical problems (diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, among many others)
  3. Fetal (baby’s) health (ultrasound of fetal anatomy, size of fetus, among many other aspects of your baby’s health)
  4. Obstetrical problems (Preterm labor, vaginal bleeding, preeclampsia, among many others)
  5. Other health-related concerns.

You do not need to have any problems in order to be evaluated in our office. If you desire a thorough pregnancy assessment to put your mind at ease, we provide exactly that type of service. Please note that we do not provide infertility or primary obstetrical care. We do not perform deliveries, though we are happy to assist your primary obstetrician with cesarean sections, or with other pregnancy related surgeries, such as cervical cerclage (stitch around the cervix).