Comprehensive Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consultations

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Our office offers all women a detailed ultrasound assessment of the pregnancy in each trimester. At each of your three detailed assessments during pregnancy (first, second and third trimester) our office staff will offer you a courtesy (no charge) DVD to memorialize the evaluation for your family records. The DVD will be recorded by the ultrasound operator, mostly our ultrasound technologists, and will be completed at the end of that assessment with rare exception, such as when the fetus is not in an ideal position and further imaging may be required.

The DVD recording requires three separate steps. The DVD, -R type, have to first be formatted while you are being set up on the exam table for ultrasound. Then the DVD will be ready for the second step, recording. The ultrasound operator will attempt to record continuously your ultrasound evaluation, though at times you may experience gaps in your DVD recording, due to pauses the operator takes when your fetus is not in an ideal position, or at times in error when the operator forgets to pause the recording while working on your ultrasound medical record. Once the ultrasound operator is done with the detailed (complete) ultrasound, to the degree that the fetal position permits such completeness, the third step of finalizing the DVD is initiated. Once the DVD is finalized, no further recording can be performed on that DVD, and the DVD will be ready for you to play on any computer or TV equipped with a DVD player. If the DVD is not finalized you will not be able to play and watch it.
During the course of your pregnancy you may be required to come to our office for evaluations in addition to the detailed fetal structural ultrasounds performed in each trimester. If that is the case, our office will not provide courtesy DVD for such visits. Should you wish to have those additional short visits recorded on DVD, please bring a –R type DVD to the visit with you, or you may purchase one in the office for $5.00 (five dollars). The cost is not for the DVD, but for the extra time it takes to order the DVDs, stock them, and the time it takes to format and finalize them.

Please be advised that the ultrasound operator will attempt to take a fetal face picture for your family album at any and all of your visits in our office if the fetal position permits. These pictures will most of the time be a combination of 2D and 3D/4D images, and they are all done as a courtesy to you. You and any of your family members are welcome to take photographs off of our ultrasound machine screens on your Smart Phones and Tablets of any such pictures, whether a DVD was recorded or not, and our office highly encourages you to do so as the quality of the picture on Smart Phones/Tablets is much higher than that on the thermal black and white prints we give you, and is potentially a permanent record.

If you have any questions regarding our office’s DVD AND PICTURES policies, please do not hesitate to ask any of our ultrasound operators or physicians. Please be advised that our front office staff, receptionists and billers, as well as our back office staff, ultrasound technologists and medical assistants, are following instructions from the administrator physician(s), so we firmly request that all patients and family members treat our staff with the utmost respect and not challenge them regarding our policies. Our staff as well is required and expected to treat all patients and their families with the utmost respect and to provide you with the aforementioned policy. Should any of our staff treat you with disrespect, or should you have any questions regarding our policies, please advise our office manager Anu Jairam (