Comprehensive Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consultations


Waleed Doany, M.D.

Dr. Doany is board certified in the fields of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine (Perinatology). He is also certified by the American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine and the Fetal Medicine Foundation for the performance of ultrasound and first trimester aneuploidy (genetic) screening. He completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology and his fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), where he was Assistant Clinical Professor for six years. During his stay at UCLA, Dr. Doany was instrumental in providing quality care to high-risk pregnancies and in teaching Obstetrics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine to medical students and residents. He conducted both basic science and clinical research in the field of high-risk obstetrics. The UCLA Obstetrics and Gynecology residents under his tutelage awarded him “Best Teacher of the Year” award, twice. In 1996, Dr. Doany joined Valley Perinatal Group and provided Maternal-Fetal Medicine consultations in Tarzana, Northridge, Ventura, and Antelope Valley. In 1998, He established his own perinatal group, Comprehensive Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consultations, in Tarzana. He has since continued to dedicate his time to the care of high-risk pregnancies referred to his office. His primary practice philosophy is to empower pregnant women and their families with knowledge so that they may make informed choices regarding their health care. His practice is based on individualization of care, comprehensive approach to care, and keeping the patient at the helm of her healthcare while her doctors provide her with unbiased and nonjudgmental guidance from which she may make informed choices. Dr. Doany is interested in the field of prenatal diagnosis and in applying the latest technologies to his practice. He is skilled in first and second trimester pregnancy sonography, amniocentesis, and 3-D imaging. He is an expert in prepregnancy counseling and in medical and obstetrical complications of pregnancy. He practices preventative medicine, as he believes that pregnancy is an impetus to positive changes in a family’s lifestyle that can improve maternal and fetal outcome. Therefore, he always reviews the latest medical literature on nutrition, exercise, and relevant internal medicine, obstetric, genetic, and ultrasound subjects.